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User Guide

This section of the site provides an introduction to searching the online archives and working with your search results. Questions and suggestions about any aspects of the site's design and function are always welcome.

A. Searching

A search box is provided at the top right of each screen on the site. You can use this box to search the books in the site. This search box will search across not only the titles and authors of books in the collection, but for terms in the books themselves. This is called fulltext searching.

Keyword searching

A.1 Keyword Search Result View

In our example we searched for the term "emyvale" in the collection using the keyword search box (1).  A list of books is returned that have the term "emyvale" within them (2).  You can use the advanced search block (3) to search for specific titles, authors, etc..  You can limit your search results by narrowing your results by Date or by Author (4). Keyword Result screen

A.2 Book Full Record Display

When you select one of the books from the result list, you are presented with a full record for the book. It includes a number of option including the option to read the book online (1), a link to the physical book in the library in case you wanted to borrow a copy (2), a link to a PDF, downloadable version of the book (3), and a list of pages that the search term appears on (4).

Book Full Record Display

A.3 Book Viewer Display

Should the user select either the read online option (1) or want to view a specific page (4) you will be reading the book using our zoomable book viewer.  The viewer displays either the page image by default or it splits the view (as pictured below) should the user with to view the underlining textual content of the page image as captured by the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process by selecting the T Icon icon. Select the T Icon icon again and it returns to the page image only view.

book viewer