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Notice and takedown policy

IslandLives has done its best to contact the rights holders of works that are included in this collection.

If you are a rights holder of a work and are concerned that you have found a work currently on IslandLives for which you have not given permission, please fill in the form below:


The process for handling requests to remove works from IslandLives is as follows:

  1. The Robertson Library will contact you within two working days of your claim.
  2. We will seek your agreement to retain the work within IslandLives.
  3. Should we not be able to reach such an agreement, the work will be removed from IslandLives within five working days. The availability of the downloadable content will be discontinued within one working day of any decision.
  4. You will be asked to sign a form stating that you are the rights holder or their representative and why the work should be removed.